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Ace shualing e bike

Ace shualing e bike


(5 customer reviews)

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I’m Product Paramenters
Product name
Portable Adult E-Bikes
Max Loading
Max Speed
Max climbing
25 degree
Charging Time
7-8 hours
Front and rear disc brakes
48V 6Ah-24Ah Lithium-ion Swappable Battery
Tire size
14 Inch Vacuum Tire
Rear Drive Hub Motor
Aluminum Alloy
Smart LED Display
Front LED Lights, Rear Brake Lights
Front & Rear Suspension
Open size
Fold size
Packing size

5 reviews for Ace shualing e bike

  1. Lisa G.

    The Ace Shualing E Bike has revolutionized my daily commute. The electric assist makes pedaling a breeze, especially on those uphill stretches. The sleek design and comfortable ride have turned my commuting woes into an enjoyable experience. It’s a great investment for anyone looking to make their daily trips more efficient and enjoyable.

  2. Alex B.

    I recently got the Ace Shualing E Bike, and it’s both stylish and practical. The design is sleek and modern, turning heads wherever I go. The electric feature is a game-changer, giving me the flexibility to pedal or enjoy a powered ride when needed. It’s become my go-to for quick errands and leisurely rides alike.

  3. Jessica K.

    The Ace Shualing E Bike exceeded my expectations, particularly in terms of battery life. The e-bike’s battery lasts for a surprisingly long time, allowing for extended rides without worrying about running out of power. It’s reliable and efficient, making it an excellent choice for those who want a dependable electric bike for both short trips and longer excursions.

  4. Mike R.

    I took the Ace Shualing E Bike on a mix of city streets and off-road trails, and it handled both with ease. The electric motor provides a smooth and consistent boost, making uphill climbs and rough terrains more manageable. The build quality is robust, and the bike’s performance has made it my go-to choice for any biking adventure.

  5. Emily L.

    What I love about the Ace Shualing E Bike is its user-friendly design. The controls are intuitive, and switching between manual and electric modes is seamless. The LED display is clear and provides essential information at a glance. It’s a well-thought-out electric bike that caters to both beginners and experienced riders. Highly recommended for its convenience and ease of use.

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